Is Your World On
“Social Media”
As Well ?

The world revolves around social media now. As the known business models start to disappear, social media and digital business models are on the rise, and they will continue to rise.

If you also have thousands of followers on social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and if your business is related to it, please read on.

We will try to present you a very real point of view.
How “Real” Is Your World On Social Media ?

You have thousands, or even millions of followers on your channels on social media.

But do they actually exist? Do you know about their genders, ages, how many of them live in New York, their names, their phone numbers?

Your followers are your customers but you do not know anything about them. Also, you do not have the means to reach them, to communicate with them. (Some social media platforms demand payment for this..So you actually have to pay to social media platforms to send a message to your followers.)

All of the information and data of your customers are on the social media platforms. Do you realize this fact?

What Would You Do If Your Channels Were To Shut Down ?

One morning you wake up, and your social media channels have been shut down.

Do not say it is impossible. Think about the biggest companies that existed before the pandemy. They exist no more.

You had millions of people that were following you. You were making money via business models you had built thanks to them.

Can you reach the millions that were following you, again?

Absolutely not. Only social media platforms can reach them because all of their contact information is on social media platforms.

It is chilling to think about all that, right?

We Have Thought About It, And Come Up With A Solution.

We have come up with solutions for you, considering all these possibilities.

We are making your followers “real” for you. Now your followers will not be just numbers, but real people. You will know about their names, ages, where they live etc.

We are offering options that are more profitable than the business models on social media platforms.

On top of all that, you will still continue what you were doing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube.

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